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A wholly-owned subsidiary of
Central Rural Electric Cooperative


Centranet is dedicated to bringing north central Oklahomans cutting-edge internet via a fiber broadband communications network.

Just as the Central Rural Electric Cooperative saw the need for rural electrification more than 80 years ago, we see the need for high-speed internet access for everyone today. We believe the view out your window shouldn’t determine your ability to connect with the world.

Electricity is not considered a luxury anymore, but rather a necessity. We believe the same about the internet. Every home, business and school should have access to high-speed internet and phone capabilities. Centranet will provide fiber to the home with the same level of professionalism, care and service provided by the cooperative.

Founded in 2020, Centranet is committed to connecting rural Oklahomans to the rest of the world and enriching their lives for years to come.