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We're breaking the RURALS of
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Change the way you do business with fiber internet

Change the way you do business with fiber internet

Centranet's fiber-to-the-business network is bringing fast, reliable fiber internet to north central Oklahoma businesses.

Embrace the benefits and opportunities offered by the online world, without frustrating buffering or delays.

With a super-fast connection, you’ll benefit from:

  • Symmetrical upload and download speeds
  • Dedicated local support service
  • Managed wi-fi

The highest quality service and support, from a local provider you can rely on.

High performance internet packages that work for your business

Endless opportunities for your business with fiber internet

Equipment Connectivity

Equipment Connectivity

Customer wi-fi access

Customer wi-fi access

Security monitoring

Security monitoring

How fast is fiber?

Compare traditional
high-speed internet to fiber!

Dsl / Wireless / Satellite
3 Mbps
Internet Speed
25 Mbps
Up to 1,000 Mbps
Download 100 photos 14 min 42 sec 1 min 48 sec 2.8 sec
Download HD Movie 4 hrs 48 min 34 min 24 sec 54.3 sec
Download 50 songs 8 min 12 sec 1 min 1.5 sec
Download Online Game 39 hrs 48 min 4 hrs 48 min 7 min 30 sec