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We'll have you streaming in three minutes with MyBundle

Are you thinking about streaming, but don't know where to start? Let us help! The Find MyBundle quiz is an easy way to find the streaming services that are right for you. Give us three minutes and we can have you streaming!

Start your timer and don’t be surprised if you finish early!

Minute 1:00 - take the Find MyBundle quiz to discover which streaming platforms are best for you.

Minute 2:00 - Sign up for streaming apps based on your results.

Minute 3:00 - Search for shows and movies you’ve been wanting to check out and add them to your Watchlist.

It doesn’t get much easier than that, does it? With MyBundle’s help, streaming is simple and fun. You’ll discover the best platforms for you based on what you enjoy watching (including live sports and TV).

MyBundle will recommend new shows and movies for you to check out. And with MyBundle’s MyApps tool, you track your streaming spending and see which apps you’re using the most.

There’s no better way to start streaming than with MyBundle.