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Where to watch the 2024 Summer Olympics


The 2024 Summer Olympics are nearly upon us—and with some of the biggest names in Olympic history vying for a place on the podium, you won’t want to miss a minute of it.

This year's Paris Olympics will be must-see TV, from the stellar US women’s gymnastics team to swimming contests decided by nanoseconds. And the ‘City of Lights’ boasts its opening ceremony will be the biggest in history!

We’ll guide you through the best ways to stream the 2024 Paris Olympics. With the advanced fiber network delivered to your home by Centranet you can enjoy all the edge-of-your-seat excitement and compelling personal triumphs the summer games offer with pristine picture quality.

And you can utilize MyBundle and its helpful resources to make sure you’ve got the streaming services you need to keep on top of the action from Paris this year.

Peacock: The Most Comprehensive Olympic Coverage Option for Streamers
NBC continues its network broadcasting rights to the Olympics in the United States. And, of course, on network TV, NBC will air its “primetime” coverage of the day’s events in the evenings, typically around three to four hours of programming each night.

However, NBC’s streaming service, Peacock, provides comprehensive and complete coverage of the Olympics that will leave its network TV cousin in the dust! Peacock plans to stream live coverage of every event, an extraordinary feat that true Olympics fans will soak up.

Peacock also promises exclusive content to share the stories of the games and the athletes, venues, and spectators that are the heart of the Olympics.

From wildly popular track and field events that could set new world human speed records to fascinating contests like dressage and other equestrian events, Peacock will stream it all. You’ll also be able to cheer on team sports, like basketball and water polo!

Peacock’s Streaming Plans
To take advantage of Peacock’s coverage, you’ll need a subscription to one of Peacock’s plans. Peacock offers two main options and a way to save money by paying annually instead of monthly.

At just $5.99 a month, you can subscribe to Peacock Premium, the app’s basic package. Peacock Premium includes ads, so be mindful of that as you decide. You can also save around $12 a year if you pay $59.99 annually ahead.

If you prefer an ad-free option, Peacock Premium Plus is for you. That plan will run you $11.99 per month or double the price of Peacock Premium. You can get the ad-free Peacock Premium Plus plan at a discount for an annual subscription, $119.99 per year, saving about $24 annually.

Other Olympics Streaming Options
If you don’t have Peacock (and don’t want to add another app at the moment) but still want to stream the Olympics, there are other ways.

You’ll need a live-streaming service. You can get several such services at MyBundle, including Sling TV and fuboTV.

Sling TV, available in three color-named packages called the Blue Package, Orange Package, or Blue + Orange Package, respectively, includes most channels you’ll need to stream the summer Olympics.

The best option for Olympics fans (and for sports fans in general) is the Sling TV Blue + Orange Plan, as it has the broadest range of channels streaming the Olympics this year.
Olympics fans should also consider fuboTV. fuboTV’s channel lineup consists of more live sports content than its competitors. But don’t forget also to check out Hulu + Live TV and YouTube TV. They’ll provide excellent coverage and may include other features you and your family may enjoy.

Using MyBundle and its many features, you can put together the perfect streaming service package to catch all of this year’s Olympics action from France.

And don’t forget to check out the MyBundle Marketplace for special deals and to find ways to save even more money!